The Punkfolkers write and perform songs that reflect the strange times in which we find ourselves, whilst recognising our history and the experiences of our forebears. 

Original material and traditional songs are mercilessly squeezed through the Punkfolker's creative mangle, resulting in some refreshingly unusual arrangements of traditional songs and compelling originals touching on subjects most people will identify with.  

We are punk in that we disregard convention and we are folk in that we have a story to tell.  Our tale is not one of fantasy or perfection, we dare to tell the story of the grit and truth of the real world.

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Our debut double 'A' sided digital only single 'The Blacksmith' & 'Angry Man' will be available to download / stream from all good digital outlets from 28th October 2017.  Both songs are taken from our forthcoming album 'Night Bus to Tombland'.